The three-day week

Lest we are tempted to view the past thro rose tinted specs, here is a reminder of the three day week in the 1970s. I (think I) remember power cuts during miners’ strikes in the 1960s too.  And definitely school being closed for weeks because there was no coal for the boiler.
It wasn’t the case at the school where my mum taught, so we were stuck at home with my ex-headmistress grandmother whose attempts at lessons we wilfully ignored, to her immense chagrin.
I remembered the three day week today while I was hearing about how the forests on Mt Olympus are being illegally logged by desperate Greeks who can’t afford heating oil. There was a woman saying how horrible she found it going back to 1970s living conditions, sleeping in the living room as the bedroom is unheated.

Knitting is the new wallpaper

reindeer knit

If you’ve been anywhere near Waitrose recently you’ll have seen their lovely red knitted background on all their promotional displays. Even better was the actual wall-covering in Taylor Swift’s video for We Are Never Getting Back Together – vast pale blue cables. I think knitting is glorious – a rich texture but tightly constrained. The reindeer are from a sweater my dad got on a cruise in Norway nearly 60 years ago.